Commercial Services

Commercial cleaning involves the cleaning of offices and business spaces. Services will include:

Office Area Cleaning

Dust Lamps

Wipe doors

Dust and polish furniture

Vacuum and mop floor area

Vacuum carpet area

Clean glass/doors

Dust pictures/frames

Remove cobwebs


Kitchen Cleaning

Remove trash

Clean counter-tops

Clean microwave

Clean stove and burners

Clean glass doors

Scrub sink

Wipe cabinets (Outside)

Vacuum and mop floor

Dust Lamps

Clean/polish kitchen table

Vacuum and mop floor area

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean/disinfect counter-tops

Clean/disinfect tubs

Clean/disinfect toilets and sinks

Clean mirrors

Remove trash

Wipe doors

Polish cabinets

Vacuum and mop floor area





Third Sector


Hospitality and Leisure

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Terms and Conditions

  • Any additional cleaning task must be requested and may alter the quote. 
  • We charge £17 per hour as our standard but price can be negotiated depending on the job and sector. 

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