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The Good Cleaning Company is an Alternatives Trust East London social enterprise cleaning project. The aim of the cleaning business is to provide professional commercial and residential cleaning services in East London, focused on the London Borough of Newham.

The Good Cleaning Company’s Mission

As a social enterprise with the ambition to become a co-operative, The Good Cleaning Company commits to provide decent employment to woman who have childcare responsibilities, little or no working experience in the UK; and, with No Recourse to Public Funds. Our mission is, therefore, to remove as many barriers to employment as possible through the creation of ethical employment. Thus, providing training and on work support, minimum working hours, paying the London Living Wage – including travelling time.

We believe that creating ethical employment to women can boost their confidence, giving them hope and empowerment to improve their lives.

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Phone: 07355035771
Email: sukaina.laziz@altel.org.uk